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  • Diabetes in Cats - Testing and Monitoring

    Glucose in the urine (called glucosuria), as well as persistently increased blood glucose levels (called hyperglycemia), in a cat with appropriate clinical signs is diagnostic for diabetes mellitus. The presence of glucose in the urine makes conditions ideal for bacterial growth, so urinary tract infections are common.

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  • Normal Blood Glucose Ranges for Cats | Cuteness

    Normal Blood Glucose Ranges for Cats Normal Blood Glucose Range. According to The Cat Practice in Birmingham, Michigan,... Testing for Diabetes. The vet will first consider if your cat's showing symptoms of diabetes,... Insulin Management. If there's something at work causing the increased glucose ...

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  • Home Testing Blood Glucose on Cats - Pet Health

    If you have a diabetic cat, consider doing home blood glucose testing. After a few tests, the vast majority of cats won't mind this at all. Advantages of home testing include less stress to your cat, considerably decreased costs and time of monitoring compared to vet visits, closer control of your cat's blood glucose level and possible avoidance of deadly hypoglycemic episodes.

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  • Best Glucose Meter for Cats - Quick and Accurate Glucose ...

    How to Collect and Test a Blood Sample from Your Cat Once you have a glucose meter and glucose test strips, you are ready to collect... Before trying to collect a blood sample, make sure that your cat’s ear is warm. Quickly take the lancet and quickly prick your cat’s ear. Once you see a small ...

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  • Home Testing Cat Blood Sugar Levels - VetInfo

    Preparing your Cat for the Blood Test. When drawing blood from diabetic cats, sugar test strips and the remaining equipment must be nearby. By completing the test quickly, your cat remains calm and stress free. Stress causes blood sugar levels to rise, so it is important to soothe your pet throughout the process.

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  • 3 Ways to Check Blood Sugar of a Cat - wikiHow

    How to Check Blood Sugar of a Cat - Using a Blood Glucose Monitor Check your cat’s blood sugar as often as your vet recommends. Talk with your veterinarian before using a blood glucose test. Administer the test before or 6 hours after your cat’s last meal. Draw blood from your cat’s ear or a toe ...

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  • Normal Glucose Levels in Cats -

    The glucose (sugar) in the blood can be measured by taking a blood sample from the cat. The normal glucose levels in cats are between 80 and 120 mg/dL or 4.4 to 6.6 mmol/L; however, these levels may vary according to the age and the breed of the cat. The results immediately after a meal may be higher and they may drop if the cat hasn't eaten for a long time, so the test should be performed two to four hours after a meal.

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